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The Weekly Huddle Utah Jazz podcast: January Man and scheduling payback

 Jazz Host Alema Harrington joins Dave Fox this week. Topics include the high powered offense and Donovan Mitchell’s amazing January and how the “Wasatch Front” creates impossible match-ups for opponents. Our Jazz bites looks into physical play and technical fouls. Plus how the schedule statistically breaks down in the Jazz favor, and it’s up to them to go get it! Check out the Weekly Huddle Utah Jazz podcast with Dave and Alema here. 

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The Weekly Huddle, All That Jazz: Donovan’s groove is on

A new edition of the Weekly Huddle Podcast is on line. The Radio Voice of the Utah Jazz David Locke joins Dave Fox on this weeks All That Jazz. The team has won 6 of their last 7 games and Locke says the trend is looking great. Topics include: The vast improvement of Royce O’Neal from last season this this, and Locke has some amazing numbers to back it up.

Also Locke explains how Donovan Mitchell is “getting his grove on.” Plus the value of Rickey Rubio never more evident and how the architect of the Jazz roster, GM Dennis Lindsey, has built a roster better to deal with injuries when the happen. Plus Locke looks ahead and tells you why every NBA game means so much! Check out the Weekly Huddle, All That Jazz podcast here:

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Kenney: ‘Jazz camaraderie on display on the road’ – Episode 18

 A new edition of the Weekly Huddle Podcast, All That Jazz edition is here. Jazz reporter Kristen Kenney joins Dave Fox.

Among her insights she spoke of the continuing growth of Donovan Mitchell during the Jazz road trip, the responsibility other players will face while Ricky Rubio and Dante Exum heal from injuries, plus the value of the type of home games during the team’s upcoming home stretch. It includes eight of the next nine games in Salt lake City.

Also, Mitchell’s 30-something teammate Kyle Korver on the value of the second-year star to the Utah Jazz. Check out this weeks edition of the Weekly Huddle, Jazz edition.

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Weekly Huddle Utah Jazz podcast: Exum showing his worth


 It’s another edition of the Weekly Huddle as Utah Jazz host Alema Harrington joins Dave Fox.

On the menu this week: Rudy Gobert’s complete domination on both ends of the floor, but will he be an All-Star? Dante Exum had a 13-assist game and his teammates are fired up about Exum’s growth. Plus a segment of the schedule where the Jazz simply must make hay! Alema explains.

Join the guys for the Weekly Huddle All That Jazz podcast right here.

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