Keith Yakey breaks down his continued success and ongoing pursuit of becoming the best version of himself

In this episode, Keith Yakey breaks down the keys to his continued success and ongoing pursuit of becoming the best version of himself. 

About Keith Yakey:
As Keith Yakey’s mother was lying on her deathbed riddled with cancer, she told him to live a life of no regrets. Keith moved forward to conquer his fears and do just that. Having always wanted to do real estate so he set out to learn how. With only the most baseline guidance within 2 years he had flipped 185 properties and grew to do over 700 Deals, Own 300 rentals and raise over 45 millions dollars in his career. Which he is still actively doing to this day. Having had his life changed so much through the vehicle of real estate he wanted to help others change their lives as well. Looking around he only saw people from late night television selling dated programs for astronomical prices with no real care if the person who had just invested a small fortune got the results they were hoping for. This didn’t sit well with him and He wanted to change that. This is his mission to this day. To get the life changing principles and tactics of real estate investing into the hands of the people who need it. He has been asked to speak on the biggest stages with the biggest names, ranging from Music Super Star Pitbull, Motivational Legend Tony Robbins and his own personal friends Gary Vee, Russell Brunson and Lewis Howes. People want to hear his inspirational story, going from a carpenter banging nails to successful real estate investor banging out deals.