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Weekly Huddle Podcast, Utah Jazz edition: Rudy’s Revenge Tour

 Jazz host Alema Harrington joins Dave Fox for this week’s episode of the Weekly Huddle Podcast. Topics headlined by the Rudy Revenge tour. Alema says you need to be a part of this. Plus the Sophomore season of Donovan Mitchell is not only a success, he is keeping it humble at the same time. And in Jazz Bites, Derrick Favors says the key to Joe Ingles longevity is not running too fast or dunking too much! And in Home Court Advantage the guys break down the remaining teams on the jazz schedule and explain how this benefits Utah. Check out Weekly Huddle Podcast, Jazz edition here: 

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Take 2: Sandy City water, tax cuts, drugs and BYU’s police force

 In this week’s Take 2 podcast, Heidi Hatch facilitates discussion with former state lawmakers Greg Hughes and Jim Dabakis on hot topics in this legislative session: 

  • A hate crimes bill collides with national headlines. Will it hurt Utah’s bill?
  • Sandy City has a crisis on its hands. Who is ultimately responsible for the contaminated water crisis?
  • Should Utah even fluoridate its water?
  • Canadian drugs and their deeply discounted prices may soon be headed to Utah.
  • Gov. Gary Herbert wants a huge tax cut: Is it even possible?
  • Straight ticket voting – a Utah favorite could go the way of the Do-Do bird?
  • BYU’s police force could soon be accountable like every other department in the state.

That, and a whole lot more, in this week’s Take 2 podcast – “the fastest-growing podcast in Utah.” 

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The Weekly Huddle Podcast, All That Jazz: Heading to the home stretch, Good news for the Jazz? EP23

The radio voice of the Jazz, David Locke joins Dave Fox for the latest Weekly Huddle.

On the menu this week: Locke has an idea to improve the NBA All-Star game and it has to do with location. Also, which players benefited most from the All-Star break? Which teams improved themselves by making trades before the deadline? And talk about the upcoming schedule.

Also the teams Locke feels are the best playoff match-ups for the jazz, and why he compares it to a popular bathroom tissue, in a good way! Check out the Weekly Huddle, Jazz edition here:

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Take 2: Earthquakes, nuclear waste and transgender birth certificates

2News Anchor Heidi Hatch moderates lively discussion between former legislative lawmakers Greg Hughes (R) and Jim Dabakis (D). 

In this week podcast, the duo tackles:

  • Trump Declares a National Emergency:  Is it really as bad as it sounds?
  • Utah’s wake-up call in the form of an earthquake: Are we really ready for the “big one” ?
  • Should former Sen. Orrin Hatch get $2 million from the Utah Legislature for his legacy foundation?
  • A bill on the table could cut Salt Lake County in half: The good, the bad and the ugly.
  • With a 45-day session, should we really care about a Utah State flag?
  • Is Utah the nation’s new dumping ground for depleted uranium?
  • A transgender birth certificate bill dies. Is it something we can all agree on?

The Weekly Huddle, Talkin Jazz podcast: Major announcement from Kristen Kenney, Jazz on break

It was certainly the most unique open to an edition of The Weekly Huddle Talkin Jazz podcast this week.

Dave Fox noticed the ring on Kristen Kenney’s finger, and the announcement was revealed! With that news settling in, Kenney’s topics include the Jazz heading into the break on a roll (even with their loss against the Warriors) and the unsolicited charity work of one Jazzman that is helping many Utah teens.

Plus Rubio had some fun at his team mates’ expense when it was suggested that one of them is a “fancy passer.” All that plus a look ahead at the good and the challenge of the schedule that lies ahead. Check out the Weekly Huddle, Talkin Jazz podcast here!

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Take 2: Beer, medical cannabis, Medicaid and cell phones

2News Anchor Heidi Hatch poses tough questions to former legislative lawmakers, former Speaker of the House Greg Hughes (R) and former State Senator Jim Dabakis (D). How did they respond to being asked: 

  • 3.2 Beer in Utah: Is it time to upgrade?
  • Medical Marijuana: Do we need a set of rules?
  • Redistricting: It may not happen? 
  • Medicaid Expansion: A surprise GOP vote against revision and what happens next?
  • Cell phones while driving: Should Utah toss them out the window?

The Weekly Huddle All That Jazz: Team camaraderie growing, on and off the court!

 It’s a new edition of the Weekly Huddle, All That Jazz as this week Alema Harrington joins Dave Fox. In this latest edition topics include the current trade rumors and how it effects Jazz players who are mentioned, how the post All-Star break is looking good for the Jazz for a number of reasons, and of course bloopers! Check out the Weekly Huddle Jazz edition here:

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Take 2: Utah’s Legislature with Heidi Hatch, Greg Hughes and Jim Dabakis

2News Heidi Hatch hosts former Speaker of the Utah House Greg Hughes (R) and former Utah State Senator Jim Dabakis (D) as they talk about the issues most important to Utahns. 

The duo tackled the following issues on Friday, Feb. 1:

  • Banning plastic bags,
  • Legislators vs. the Will of the People,
  • Medicaid expansion,
  • Medical marijuana,
  • Governor’s massive tax and who should get the money.