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Take 2 Podcast: Gov. Cox back from COVID seclusion, baby formula crisis, 2020 US Census

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Take 2 Podcast: US Senate candidate Becky Edwards on gun laws, racism, inflation, abortion

Host: Heidi Hatch
Guest: Becky Edwards


Utah’s primary election gets underway in 21 days as ballots start arriving in mailboxes with the deadline to turn in your ballot June 28th.

Becky Edwards, a former Utah House member who served for 10 years is running to replace Senator Mike Lee. She, Ally Isom and Lee all collected the 28,000 signatures needed to get on the primary ballot.

Edwards sat down today to talk about the issues of the day including the mass shooting in Buffalo, New York that claimed the lives of ten innocent people.

President Biden was in Buffalo today, talking to the family members of the ten people who lost their lives in a race-based mass shooting at a neighborhood grocery store.

Biden called on Americans to reject the hate that fueled the deaths of so many saying, “Now’s the time for people of all races, from every background, to speak up as a majority and American and reject white supremacy.”


On social media and in major newspapers editorial boards have blamed Republicans for stoking the normalization of white supremacy in the aftermath of the shooting.

Edwards, a longtime Republican believes the Buffalo mass shooting is not the norm.

“I believe this is an outlier situation but as a community and as a country when we see this speech and hate speech and rhetoric that rises to the level of being dangerous, we need to call it out when we see it address it and be honest. We have to.”

On the issue of mass shootings, Edwards said there is no one right way to make them end.

Edward notes that “each one of us can play a part in prevention of these kinds of attacks” adding “they are heartbreaking. And you are right at the end of each one we think, man, maybe this is the last, maybe there’s something unique that led to this, and we won’t see this again, but over and over we see that’s not true.”

Her comprehensive approach would include mental health supports, looking at the way we deal with hate speech and, and earlier forms of bullying that our kids are experiencing in schools. Legislation she says can be a part of a way forward along with firearm safety.


When asked about gun control legislation she said she supports the 2nd Amendment.


On the issue of inflation: “If we don’t have it, let’s not spend it.” She does not however support the way Senator Mike Lee has taken a stand against massive spending bills. This week he voted with nine other GOP senators against a $40 billion dollar aid package for Ukraine saying the larger spending packaged was misguided and lacked oversight. Lee offered an amendment that would target the aid. “My amendment will ensure we can help our friends without compromising our constitutional or financial integrity.”

Edwards disagrees with Lee’s approach saying “long before you get to the place where you are voting for the bill, you make your, principles known. You are engaged in the formation of the legislation.” Adding “at the end of the day, a, a no vote is, is not useful in advancing anything. It does not advance fiscal responsibility.”


Following the leaked draft from the Supreme Court, Edwards said she sees “no compelling reason to overturn Roe V Wade.” She also supports states having their own interpretation – though she did not say how the state’s rights would fit in if Roe V Wade stands as is.

You can listen to the full conversation here or on your favorite podcast platform. Search “Take 2” with Heidi Hatch.

They discuss the upcoming debates, why she refused to drop out when challenger Ally Isom asked her to do so and much more.KUTV has been sitting down one on with each U.S. Senate Candidate to help voters decide who best can represent the state in Washington D.C.

Senator Mike Lee

Ally Isom

Take 2 Podcast: SCOTUS meets for first time since leak, Utah GOP primary debates

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Take 2 Podcast: Utah Congressman Blake Moore on abortion, borders, inflation

Host: Heidi Hatch
Guest: Utah Congressman Blake Moore

Congressman Blake Moore is in his first term representing Utah’s 1st District. In his win column, the MAPLand Act signed a week ago by President Joe Biden.

“The MAPLand Act will direct federal land management agencies to digitize and standardize mapping records. This will allow hunters, hikers, bikers, anglers, and millions of other federal land users to access essential information about public lands as well as help federal land management agencies identify public lands with limited or nonexistent public access points and take proactive steps to open them to the public.”

The biggest item on his “to do list?” The burgeoning Federal budget and the inflation Utah families are learning to live with.

Blake recognizes spending has been out of control for the past 20 years until the leadership of both Democrats and Republicans. He blames President Biden for the current state of inflation.

“The reason we have inflation, the reason we have high gas prices is because of President Biden’s policies and they’ve been, have been atrocious and they didn’t need to be that way. These are self-inflicted wounds.”

The American Rescue Plan, the straw that broke the camel’s back. “We shouldn’t be in a situation where we’re raising interest rates just to slow the economy down when this economy would’ve bounced back on its own without any extra help.”

Two weeks ago, Blakes office released the findings of a task force created with Utah Business leaders.

The “Debt and Deficit Task Force’s 2022 Recommendations” include ways to grow the economy, strengthen healthcare and social security programs, focus spending and fix the federal budget process.

“Rather than creating an arbitrary deficit ceiling, we should tie our ability to spend to our nation’s economic health. This would incentivize us to prioritize our economic health as we develop budgets and help curb our spending addiction.”

PDF: Debt and Deficit task Force recommendations

Moore recently visited the US/Mexico border in Texas where he saw a need for change.

That change he says can’t happen until there is a shift in Congress. He believes movement on DACA and protecting the border will take a shift in power in Congress where there is balance between Republicans and Democrats willing to hash out the issue together.

“If we were to win back, the majority Republicans were to win back the majority. I think there’s, there’s clear opportunity to be able to put forward real legislation that would be more comprehensive.”

On the issue of the SCOTUS leak: “Let me not mince words here. I am. I am very supportive of chief justice, justice Roberts in his strong statement that they, he will investigate this. We cannot have these types of shenanigans being played out in our Supreme court.”

Moore supports an overturning of Roe that would allow states to decide abortion law.

“I think that’s a great use of federalism in this case.”

Moore supports a bill in Congress “Care For Her ACT” that would provide support for women who find themselves unexpectedly pregnant.

The bill allows an eligible taxpayer to claim the Child Tax Credit for the tax year preceding the year the child is born. It also sets out other activities to support parents and pregnant women.

Moore faces a primary election in June.

Andrew Badger and Tina Cannon are running in the Republican Primary for US House District 1.

Ballots arrive in local mailboxes June 7th.

Take 2 Podcast: Utah U.S. Senate race, state conventions, Elon Musk deal to buy Twitter

Host: Heidi Hatch
Guests: John Dougall, Utah State Auditor, and Maura Carabello, Exoro Group

Utah US Senate Race

Primary two months away – ballots arrive June 7th

Isom tells Edwards to drop out

Mike Lee gets 70% of Delegate vote at convention

State Conventions

Democrats vote to back independent Senate Candidate Evan McMullin

Any convention surprises?

ALSO: Six-term Utah lawmaker loses bid for re-election

Elon Musk makes a deal to buy Twitter

 Senator Orrin Hatch 1934-2022

Will lie in state at the Utah State Capitol

Funeral Services next Friday

  • Legacy mixed
  • Expected guests

Take 2 Podcast: Ally Isom – Republican challenger in the Utah US Senate Race

Two months out from the Utah Primary and Ally Isom, an underdog in the Senate Race is calling on her rival Becky Edwards to drop out of the race. The two women are running in the Republican primary in hopes of unseating Senator Mike Lee. All three collected the 28 thousand signatures needed to make it on the primary ballot.

During last week’s Republican Convention Senator Mike Lee received 70% of the vote from GOP delegates. Edwards came in a distant second with 11.7% and Isom third with 9.66%.

Isom insists she is the more likely of the challengers to oust Lee and win in November.

She sat down with Heidi Hatch today to talk about why she believes Edwards should drop out, her plan to fix soaring inflation and slowly cut down on the national debt.

Edwards who has been invited to join us in the coming week on the podcast- released a statement on the call to drop out on Twitter today.

On inflation, Isom says first things first, “stop printing money and talk monetary policy. The thing I fear most is when the government starts messing with the dials we turn them too far – like the 3rd round of stimulus money that went out. It didn’t need to go.”

On the issue of wiping out school debt she says borrowers have an obligation not taxpayers.

“I think if they have taken on that financial obligation, they have a responsibility to pay it back. The response that it would help the economy that’s what we heard during the stimulus days. I don’t buy it one bit.”

There are ways she says student debt can be lessened through lower rates and reform of higher education.

Isom, a mother and grandmother is now an empty nester with her children now on their own. Her home is however full again. She talks about how she and her husband were able to take in a Ukrainian family who’ve lost everything.


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Senator Mike Lee sat down with Heidi Hatch two weeks ago: You can hear their conversation here.

Becky Edwards has also been invited to appear on the Take 2 Podcast.

Utah’s Primary is June 28th, ballots will start arriving in Utah mailboxes on June 7th.

Take 2 Podcast: Heidi Hatch joined by Sen. Mike Lee

Heidi Hatch joined by Senator Mike Lee

The interview was recorded in studio with Senator Mike Lee Thursday April 14, 2022.

Friday, all eyes were on a CNN report centering around Senator Lee.

CNN obtained text messages of separate conversations of former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, Senator Mike Lee of Utah and Republican Rep. Chip Roy of Texas. The tests spanned from the days after the 2020 presidential election and ran through the first week of January 2021.

KUTV Reported on the leaked texts, along with reaction from Becky Edwards, Evan McMullin, and Ally Isom all looking to unseat Utah’s senior senator.


“The text messages tell the same story Sen. Lee told from the floor of the Senate the day he voted to certify the election results of each and every state in the nation. They tell the story of a US Senator fulfilling his duty to Utah and the American people by following the Constitution.”

Before any word of leaked texts, Heidi Hatch sat down in studio with Senator Mike Lee to talk about inflation, and more importantly his specific plans to help real in spending and lower the rate of inflation.

During the podcast, you will hear us refer to the inflation tracker. The full video will be posted next week.



Bureau of Economic Analysis, Personal Consumption Expenditures; Bureau of Labor Statistics, Consumer Expenditure Survey; Census

Lee on what Congress can do to roll back inflation. “There are things we can do about it. I’ve introduced a few pieces of legislation that would help. One of them is called the PRICE ACT.

The PRICE ACT says that anytime inflation nationally reaches or exceeds 3% and we’re way above that right now, Congress, to spend any money at that moment has to have the approval of 3/5ths of every member of the Senate. What that does by creating a super majority spending requirement, we make it less possible, less easy for Congress to spend too much money.”

“We’ve also got a significant amount of inflation in the housing sector. I’m trying to ease that through something called the HOUSES ACT, which I’ve introduced, which would allow the federal government to set aside land. That’s not within the portfolio of wilderness area, national park, national forests, or anything like that. Just garden variety, dusty Sage brush filled BLM land and allow it to be sold, sell it at a discounted price to state or local governments who can then develop affordable housing on it.”

While the Senator was in house, we talked about the now viral video as he walked out of the historic SCOTUS hearing where Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson was confirmed.


We talked about the upcoming election, Lee’s voted for his now rival Evan McMullin in the 2016 Presidential election, and Former President Trump’s endorsement. Does the endorsement hurt or help, and did he accept it?

Take 2 Podcast: Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, All-Star Game stays in SLC, upcoming elections

Host: Heidi Hatch
Guests: Maura Carabello

We will not record on April 15th or 22nd and back on April 29th


Romney voted to confirm Jackson and stayed to applaud her, Lee voted no and walked out as the applause were happening.


Romney wrote, “Worst domestic news today: the Biden Administration will admit double or more the number of ‘undocumented’ immigrants at the border, starting May 28.”




NBA Commissioner Adam Silver “There was no discussion over the past 2 days about moving the All-Star Game from Salt Lake City and we do not anticipate moving the game.”

“Ryan Smith, the principal governor of the team and the Utah Jazz have come out against that legislation, but we find that in our conversation with Ryan we think we can create an inclusive environment for our All-Star Game in Salt Lake City that will be welcoming for all our guests and for the diverse community of Utah as well.”


Same day- 1,000 west High students held a walkout at their school in support of transgender students and athletes.


2022: March Deadline

9,189 Democrats changed their party affiliation to Republican from January 1 to March 31.

16,440 unaffiliated voters registered as Republicans.

IN 2020 June Deadline:

21,475 Democrats switched to the Republican party.

47,558 unaffiliated voters filed with the GOP during the three months leading up to the Republican primary.


US Senate Race

  • Becky Edwards
  • Ally Isom
  • Mike Lee

1st Congressional District

  • Tina Cannon
  • Blake Moore

2nd Congressional District

  • Erin Rider
  • Chris Stewart (did not gather)

4th Congressional District

  • Jake Hunsaker
  • Burgess Owens (did not gather)

Take 2 Podcast: Daily COVID-19 updates, marijuana, vote on insulin costs

Host: Heidi Hatch
Guests: Greg Hughes, Maura Carabello


  • 50+ Can now get another booster
  • 6 and under may be approved from COVID vaccine soon – Moderna seeking approval

New CDC report: 37% of HS students report poor mental health during pandemic

  • 44% felt persistently hopeless
  • 1 in 5 contemplated suicide


  • Sen. Mike Lee and Ally Isom make it to 28k signatures. Becky Edwards is close with less than 1k still needed.


  • Who’s party is it anyway?


  • Trends we are seeing. Davis, Box Elder, Morgan, Weber, Chache, Piute, Millard, Emery, Juab
  • Steve Handy a moderate lost to Trevor Lee, more conservative – Davis County Convention



  • Only 12 Republicans voted with Dems

  • The Senate has its own bi-partisan Bill
  • Some states already have caps
  • Should Congress set prices- is there a better way or has Big Pharma failed?

Take 2 Podcast: Vote to override gov’s veto of transgender athletes bill

Host: Heidi Hatch
Guests: Greg Hughes, Maura Carabello

Utah Legislature Veto override vote on transgender sports Bill
Veto override session Friday 1:00 p.m. Two-thirds of lawmakers in both the House and Senate must approve overriding the governor’s action for it to take effect.

Special Session immediately following called by Governor
Utah Legislature will set up a commission to determine their eligibility if the ban is struck down by a court.

Will passing the bill cost Utah the NBA Allstar Game and or the Olympics?
Salt Lake is hosting the NBA All-Star game next year. In 2017, that game was pulled out of Charlotte after North Carolina passed a transgender related bill. (That bill was later repealed, and the game returned to Charlotte in 2019.)

Senate President Stuart Adams said he hasn’t heard from the NBA and is not concerned

Bills the Governor did not sign but let pass into law

State Film Production Incentives Amendments. Winterton, R.
Tire Recycling Fund Amendments. Sandall, S.

Utah Outdoor Retailers show is back after 5 years in Denver: 3 Year deal starts 1/23
The costs for both attendees and exhibitors in Salt Lake City will be significantly lower
Some Companies say they’re not showing up: REI, Patagonia not happy on State stand on public lands.
Salt Lake City and County Mayor’s say show up and engage in the conversation
Visit Salt Lake:  $565 million generated in direct spending during shows tenure. $52 million in city/county/state taxes.

Utah Democrats Caucus:
How many delegates will heed the calls of Mayor Jenny Wilson and former Congressman Ben McAdams and vote against the party?

SCOTUS Hearings Ketanji Brown Jackson
Senator Lee questioning: Overall, Sen. Mike Lee was pleased by much of what Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson has said, but after three days of questions he also has some concerns yet to be resolved.
Democrats says Republicans have been too harsh treating her unfairly.

Has her questioning been tougher or different than others?
LINK: Sen. Mike Lee questions SCOTUS nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson

10 Airlines call on POTUS to get rid of the mask mandate for airports and travel
Yay or Nay?