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PODCAST: Take 2 – Gubernatorial candidate Thomas Wright on hydroxychloroquine & more

In this week’s Take 2Heidi Hatch continues her podcast format to comply with social distancing featuring Utah’s gubernatorial candidates.

Former chairman of the Utah Republican Party, Thomas Wright, joins Hatch in a discussion that includes how homeschooling and quarantine are going in the Wright house?

Other topics tackled are:

  • GOP convention is over:  What’s next for the Wright campaign ahead of the primary?
  • Utah is starting to reopen for business. Is it too soon? Too late?
  • Many Utah businesses may not be able to open for months, arenas, theaters, malls, aquarium, water parks etc. Is there a way to keep businesses like this afloat?
  • Wearing a mask: health choice or political choice. Many are now saying it is unconstitutional and it does no good.
  • Hydroxychloroquine purchase by the state $800,000. The money has now been returned. Was this purchase a good old boys club deal or was it in good faith to help the people of utah?
  • Wright wants trade de-stigmatized post pandemic. What will this mean?
  • Utah has seen clear air, open streets and a nice break during the pandemic. How do we keep Utah’s air clean as we return to business as usual?

Take 2 Podcast with candidate Lt. Gov. Cox talking Utah COVID-19, campaign, daily life in pandemic

Gubernatorial candidate and current Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox joined host Heidi Hatch to talk about the race and the unusual state convention. Voting is happening, but how does it feel not to be there in person to make a pitch to delegates?

Cox talks about his signature-gathering efforts, his campaigning with delegates and the advantage some say he has by leading the coronavirus task force.

Do the protests over shutting down businesses in the state have an impact on state decision making?

All this and much more on Take 2.

Take 2 Podcast with Greg Hughes talks GOP convention, economic recovery from COVID-19

This week’s Take 2 podcast, the age of social distancing, features candidate for governor, Take 2 alumni and former Utah speaker of the house, Greg Hughes.

Hughes discusses the Republican Convention voting that starts this week and what it might mean for the candidates.

The conversation turned to the COVID-19 epidemic and the protests this week from those who want to return to business in the state of Utah and elsewhere. He said starting the economy isn’t a luxury, it is something that isn’t a choice. And once business begins business again, what will it mean for the economy? What will recovery look like?

Take 2: Gubernatorial candidate Jeff Burningham

Heidi Hatch is joined by gubernatorial candidate Jeff Burningham, a Utah County entrepreneur.

What can the Utah Legislature do in its special session now to help Utah businesses and families? Would it include possible tax cuts now and in the future?

The two discuss Utah’s current Stay Safe, Stay Home directive. Is it working? Do we need state-wide orders? Utahns are more worried about the economy than coronavirus; Are these concerns valid? Burningham says a five-point economic recovery plan now his number one issue, including over education.

Take 2 – Aimee Winder Newton’s stance on a coronavirus stay-at-home order

Take 2 podcast Host Heidi Hatch continues interviewing Utah gubernatorial candidates while practicing social distancing.

This week, Hatch is joined by Salt Lake County Councilwoman Aimee Winder Newton. She announced her candidacy for the 2020 Utah governor race, Oct. 23, 2019.

Since then, Winder’s campaign has discontinued gathering signatures to focus efforts on winning the Republican State Convention.

Take 2 — Huntsman calls for Utah to dip into ‘rainy day fun’ to help businesses stay afloat

In this week’s Take 2 we take a step back from our usual format as we evolve with social distancing.

Today we are joined by Jon Huntsman Jr. candidate for governor, former governor of Utah and ambassador to Russia and China. We talk about campaigning amid coronavirus, signature gathering and his economic plan to ensure the state of Utah remains afloat economically. The big question: If he were governor right now, what he’d do not now, but yesterday, to make it happen?

Join us in the coming weeks as we discuss these issues with all of our Gubernatorial candidates. Next Friday We will be joined by Aimee Winder Newton.

Take 2 -State of emergency, earthquake, ‘recovery checks’ & more

Take 2 with Anchor Heidi Hatch features guests, Maura Carabello, of The Exoro Group, and Utah State Auditor John Dougall.

The big news that the three-member panel is talking about is when the BIG ONE will hit following Wednesday’s 5.7 magnitude earthquake.

Additional topics discussed include:

  • Gov. Herbert repeals order from Salt Lake and Utah Counties that would criminalize gatherings of more than 10 people.
  • Utah’s Emergency Management Team getting good practice this week with BOGO deal on the coronavirus crisis.
  • The state of Utah closes all restaurants and bars to dining: Take out is still cool but will it kill the economy?
  • U.S Senate approves Coronavirus Aid package: Will it help or dig us into a bigger debt hole in the long run?
  • Senate GOP unveils plan for $1,200 “recovery checks” for most taxpayers. They would phase out after $75,000 ($150k for couples), with none going to individuals making more than $99,000 ($198k for couples). +$500 per child. Calculations to be based on 2018 AGI. Romney votes, “Yes;” Lee votes, “No.”
  • Home Schooling: How’s it going?
  • Rep. Ben McAdams has coronavirus: He’s working from home and under quarantine. What Utah politician would you like to quarantine?
  • John Sallow files as a Republican candidate for Utah Attorney General. He resigned amid a pay-for-play scandal that cost taxpayers $4 million in a House investigation. Ultimately, Swallow was acquitted and paid $1.5 million from the state. Why is he running? Also in the race, Sean Reyes, Utah Attorney David Leavitt and Defense Attorney Greg Skordas.
  • Lt. Governor Cox picks Sen. Deidre Henderson as his running mate: References her leadership during evacuations in large Utah County fires. Henderson describes herself as a wife, mother, Utah State Senator, and obsessive expiration date checker.
  • Democratic presidential candidate update: Joe Biden is now the likely nominee, Sanders is thinking, and Gabbard backs Biden.

Things you can do to make life better right now:

  • Check on your neighbors,
  • Enjoy your family,
  • Buy gift cards,
  • Give blood,
  • Don’t hoard,
  • Wash your hands,
  • Don’t pick your nose.

Take 2 – Federal government’s response to coronavirus, economic fears

Congressman Chris Stewart sits down with 2News Anchor Heidi Hatch in a special edition of Take 2.

They talk about the federal government’s response to coronavirus, economic fears and a possible stimulus package giving each American adult $1,000.

Stewart has an alternate plan that may help those hardest hit. Click here to listen.

Take 2: Coronavirus, abortion walkout, budget matters and porn labeling

UTV’s Heidi Hatch hosts Utah’s State Auditor, John Dougall and Maura Carabello with the Exoro Group to talk the state of Utah from both side of politics.

Like most things these days the discussion started with how Utah is handling Covid-19, commonly known as part of the virus family it is part of, the coronavirus. State leaders announced  a soft closure Friday as the state practices social distancing to stop the spread of the disease. Many local events and gatherings have been cancelled including Republican caucus meetings. Democrats and Republicans announced they will nix the in-person portion of party conventions scheduled for April 25.

Women lawmakers in the Utah Senate walked out of the debate over mandatory ultrasounds. All six women in those elected positions, from both parties, walked out in protest and refused to vote on a bill mandating a woman be shown an ultrasound before she has an abortion, but the bill passed despite their absence. Republican Sen. Deidre Henderson said it wasn’t planned but was a spontaneous decision about the “invasive nature of the bill.” Henderson said she opposes abortion but the bill goes too far.

Other topics include:

  • Budget
  • Insulin price caps
  • Tax cuts
  • Inland port
  • Pornography labeling

PODCAST: Take 2 – Abortion bill, coronavirus, Super Tuesday & Olympia Hills

Take 2 with Anchor Heidi Hatch featured guests, Maura Carabello, of The Exoro Group, and Utah State Auditor John Dougall.

The main topic of discussion in the podcast is the proposed bills in the 63rd general session of the Utah State Legislature, including House Bill 34 – Abortion Revisions – heard before a packed house. The Senate panel approved elective abortion ban in a party-line vote.

Sen. Dan McCay’s bill that would prevent abortions in Utah if Roe v. Wade is ever repealed was up in committee Thursday. It was a full house!

McCay said he understands the feeling and sentiment around a women’s right to choose but a baby’s ability to choose is robbed through abortion. He was quoted as saying:

That baby deserves a choice for life as we all do,” he said. “If a woman wanted to still receive an abortion she could go to another state and still receive what she wanted. The agency of one is robbed from the agency of another.

Meanwhile, Lehi votes to be an abortion-free city – a “sanctuary city for the unborn.” Additional topics discussed include:

  • Utah Bigamy Law change: Unanimous in the Senate. And the polygamy decriminalization bill just passed the House with only three no votes. Libertas Institute Founder Conner Boyack said about the legislation, “Several years of work and here we are. It’s a great day.” Is it?
  • Daylight Saving Bill heads to the Governors Desk: It still needs an act of congress and a few neighboring states to join the effort.
  • Good News: Rep. Steve Eliason wore his dinosaur tie for the passage of the “Utahraptor State Park” bill on Thursday.
  • Coronavirus: State health department conducts a press conference briefing. Should we all build bunkers or just wash our hands?
  • Olympia Hills passes first vote 6-3: Is this responsible growth?
  • Super Tuesday just days away: Super Tuesday is the closest thing we have to a National Primary. Salt Lake County voter turnout was 29% one week out from the election with 95,811 ballots returned out of 331,170 mailed out. In-person early voting has been 679 people. There are 3,979 delegates total, 1,357 up for grabs on Tuesday. Who will be left standing? Did you watch the last debate? South Carolina Bernie Sanders makes stop in Utah on Eve of Super Tuesday.