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Talkin Jazz Podcast, Alema: ‘Rudy’s game is growing!’

As the Utah Jazz win streak continues to grow, another edition of Talkin Jazz Podcast is now online. Jazz Anchor Alema Harrington joins Dave Fox to break down the elements of this win streak that you may not have followed.

What is happening with this team that is becoming contagious among the players at a pace never before seen in Jazz history…

Joe Ingles production during the win streak and how he’s getting under the skin of Jazz opponents…

Delivering without Donny…

Plus Rudy Gobert’s game going through even more growth!

Check out Talkin Jazz Podcast with Alema and Dave here:

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Weekly Huddle Podcast: Basketball edition, Jan. 10, 2020

It’s the debut of the basketball edition of the Talkin Sports Weekly Huddle basketball podcast.

How close are the Utes to being an NCAA Tournament team? What is Timmy Allen’s professional future? Why have the Aggies lost three in a row? Is the Jazz bench for real, or will the NBA adjust and give them problems? Listen to the basketball panel podcast right here!

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Weekly Huddle Talkin Jazz Podcast: David Locke on the ‘Clutch Jazz’

The Utah Jazz are rollin’, and the radio voice of the team, David Locke, joins Dave Fox for this week’s edition of the Weekly Huddle Talkin Jazz podcast.

Locke has a list of things the team is doing extremely well. The team is among the best in the NBA in the “clutch” (5-or-fewer point games with 5 minutes to play,) how Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert are taking their games to new levels every day, the play of the bench and some specific examples of what’s working so well, plus the focus on defense.

Locke has some examples of “switching” the proves the coaches and players are both doing their job better than ever. Check out the Weekly Huddle Talkin Jazz podcast here …

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Weekly Huddle Talkin Jazz Podcast: Winners of 9 of 10 here’s why!

It’s the debut edition of the Talkin Jazz podcast for 2020 as Alema Harrington joins Dave Fox. The Jazz have won 9 of their last 10 games and Alema breaks down a number of reasons why it’s going so well, including:

  • Joe Ingles becoming a facilitator!
  • Donovan Mitchell looking for ways to help the team, even when opponents are focusing on him!
  • The near-record start to Jordan Clarkson’s Jazz career!
  • What Rudy Gobert is doing even now to take his game to the next level!

Plus, Dave and Alema with fond personal memories of former NBA Commissioner David Stern. Check out the Talkin Jazz podcast here:

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Talkin Jazz Weekly Huddle podcast – Final edition of 2019

It’s the latest edition of the Weekly Huddle Talkin Jazz Podcast.

Jazz Reporter Kristen Kenney joins Dave Fox for the final edition of 2019. The Jazz had a busy week reshaping their bench with trades, waivers and signings. Kristen talks about how the team improved.

What Donovan Mitchell told KK about developing his vision for taking his game to the next level. And, the NBA legends he studies regularly. Plus, why Joe Ingles is lightin’ it up at an amazing pace in recent games. Also, Kristen on Rudy Gobert – big on the court and off – about his charity work that actually spreads to many NBA cities.

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The Weekly Hudde: Talkin’ Jazz Podcast with David Locke – Team’s issues can be fixed

The Radio voice of the Utah Jazz, David Locke, joins our Dave Fox for this week’s edition of the Talkin Jazz podcast. Locke addresses the recent road trip and why it’s not nearly as bad as it may seem. Also how the Jazz bench needs to “demand” more playing time, and why the Jazz need to work even more on the “catch & shoot”…and Locke has the numbers to back it up! Plus the one shot he believes Donovan Mitchell needs to abandon. Check out the latest edition of the Talkin Jazz podcast here…

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Talkin Jazz Podcast: The first dynamic duo in 27 years

Our weekly edition of the Talkin’ Jazz Podcast is now on line as Jazz television host Alema Harrington Joins Dave Fox. Alema has a long list of Jazz chat that Jazz Nation needs to know. Among the topic in this episode? Tony Bradley taking on the role of Rudy with aplomb. Joe Ingles finding his niche. Boyan Bogdanovic an amazing picture of consistency and the Dynamic Duo the Jazz have not seen since 2 “Malone’s” played for them. Plus, a look at the schedule and the game Alema has circled…Check out the latest edition Talkin’ Jazz podcast here…

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Weekly Huddle: Boyan Boogie, Coach Q; it’s the Talkin’ Jazz podcast

It’s week two of Talkin Jazz Podcast is on line.

Utah Jazz reporter Kristen Kenney joins host Dave Fox. Kenney’s topics include Boyan Bogdanovic and what he has done to improve even his teammates, why players want to play for Coach Quin Snyder, Joe Ingles accepting the role of sixth man, and the defensive attitude of the team that begins with the big man in the middle. 

Kenney also addresses the slow start of Mike Conley and why, in her view, it won’t be an issue for long. Check out the latest edition of Talkin Jazz podcast here…

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Weekly Huddle: The Utes and Cougars are on a bye, but not the weekly podcast

The boys of the Weekly Huddle podcast are back. Former Ute quarterback Frank Dolce, former BYU running back Alema Harrington, and former Utah Stat quarterback Riley Jensen going at it! David James attempts to keep the peace as the guys fight over everything from how the Cougars lost to Toledo, to what’s gonna happen when the Aggies visit Death Valley this weekend. Here’s the Weekly Huddle podcast … enjoy!

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Weekly Huddle podcast: Will BYU or Utah overcome its challenges the quickest

It’s another edition of the Weekly Huddle podcast and Dave Fox has a full house with him! Former Ute QB Frank Dolce, former BYU RB Alema Harrington and former Utah St. QB Riley Jensen breaking down this weeks game. Dave feeds them four multiple choice questions and actually leaves them speechless on a couple of them.

Check out the latest Weekly Huddle podcast here, and subscribe where ever you get your favorite pod casts

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