Take 2: Death of conversion therapy, 4.8% beer and tax reform bills

 Episode  6 of the Take 2 podcast was an emotion one with Heidi Hatch facilitating discussion about the Utah legislature with former state lawmakers Greg Hughes and Jim Dabakis.

When the topic of a bill that died in the legislature that would’ve banned conversion therapy for gay teens in Utah was posed, Dabakis – who is openly gay – issued a question of his own.

How hard would it be for you to change? How many sessions would you need so you could suddenly become gay?

Other topics discussed that had lively debate included:

  • Will Utah be stuck with 3.2 percent beer forever?
  • Should the Legislature allow first cousins to procreate?
  • Utah’s Constitution references men: Has the time come to make it gender neutral?
  • The only thing certain in this session: Death and taxes, or at least the death of a massive tax overhaul.