Take 2: Mueller report, hosting the 2020 Presidential debate and more

 Episode 8 of the Take 2 podcast proved to be lively with a debate between former state lawmakers Greg Hughes and Jim Dabakis.

2News Heidi Hatch posed the following questions and moderated the responses that were worlds apart:

  • The Mueller Report is at long last complete: Should it be released and was the process fair? (Final bonus topic as Mueller handed report to AG while we were wrapping up recording)
  • Rumor Mill: Is Chris Stewart headed to the Trump Cabinet? 
  • Could Ambassador Jon Huntsman reprise his role as Utah’s Governor?
  • Does Utah’s Legislature need more than 45 days to pass more bills?
  • Utah’s GOP is a by many accounts a mess: Will a new Chair fix the infighting?
  • Could Utah host a 2020 Presidential debate? The little state that could.
  • Free Speech on our college campuses. Did POTUS make a smart move in that direction this week?

NCAA tournament, gravel pits are the pits, follow the money and a whole lot more in this week’s Take 2.