Take 2: Legalized fornication, 4.0 beer, medical marijuana & more

 Take 2 tackles the week’s biggest political issues:

  • Utah sinning legalized: Fornication, sodomy and adultery are now legal. Why does it matter? Greg Hughes says Utah County kept prosecutions in the category alive and well.
  • 3.3 beer now 4.0 in grocery stores. Jim Dabakis is willing to let Utah cities decide their own alcohol content or ban booze all together.
  • Governor signs bill to ban abortion after 18 weeks. Is this a giant waste of money or a much needed moral stand.
  • Governor Herbert has one veto so far: Was it worth it?
  • Utah Supreme Court tackles medical marijuana. The people verses the legislature. What will they ultimately rule?
  • Sen. Mike Lee makes Colbert. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Tonton’s unite.
  • Is Consistent Law and order seriously lacking in the USA? Think Mueller, Smollet, Rich parents buying their kids into colleges.