Take 2 – Mass shootings, municipal elections and Huntsman resignation

This week on the Take 2 podcast, 2News Anchor Heidi Hatch is joined by former The Exoro Group’s Maura Carabello and former radio host and congressional candidate Jay McFarland.

The three-member panel discussed the recent shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, which brings the total number of such incidents up to at least 17 this year. 

Additional topics discussed include:

  • MASS SHOOTINGS: What can be done? A space for hopes, prayers, regulation and change.
  • MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS: Salt Lake City has had 20,544 ballots returned so far for 22.75 % turnout. That won’t include ballots being picked up Friday in drop boxes. For all the races in Salt Lake County, it is only 54,877 or 17.16% so far. Review of vote-by-mail instructions because Utahns proved in the last election they did not understand how it worked (Utah County in particular).
  • JON HUNTSMAN, JR. RESIGNATION AS U.S. AMBASSADOR TO RUSSIA:  How would he shake up the governor race or would he?