Take 2 – Tax reform, new abortion bill, gun storage & recalling US Senators

Take 2 welcomes Sen. Dan McCay (R – District 11) and Maura Carabello, of The Exoro Group, and host 2News Heidi Hatch.


TAX REFORM REPEALED: Meanwhile, there have been 139,793 verified signatures as of Thursday morning.

“We applaud those who have engaged in the civic process and made their voices heard. We are not foes on a political battlefield, we are all Utahns committed to getting our tax policy right. That work is just beginning,” Utah Gov. Gary Herbert, Senate President Stuart Adams, and House Speaker Brad Wilson

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT: Budget, tax reform 2.0, does this hurt Herbert’s legacy?

ABORTION:  Sen. Dan McCay files the first bill to make headlines: A new measure to ban most abortions in Utah. McCay is also making waves on Twitter: Lt Gov Spencer Cox, Todd Weiler, and others hate his judicial bill.

RECALL OF UNITED STATES SENATOR BILL: Rep. Tim Quinn (R – District 54) introduced a bill to make it possible to recall a U.S. senator, but the Constitution may stand in his way. 

GUN STORAGE BILL: The same day a 3 year and 9-year-old find loaded guns and accidentally shoot themselves, Elizabeth Weight files a bill that would give prosecutors the option to charge people with a misdemeanor for unsafe storage resulting in injury or death.