Take 2: Impeachment vote, bill to recall Romney and more

 Take 2 is hosted this week by Anchor Jim Spiewak with guests and Maura Carabello, of The Exoro Group, and Utah State Auditor John Dougall.

The topics discussed in Utah’s political world include the impeachment vote where Sen. Mitt Romney broke from his party and issued a guilty vote of Article I of the charge against President Donald Trump for abuse of power. Many say his cote will hurt his re-election chances. Will it? Will Romney even run again or will he use his 6 years to keep voting his conscience?

Additional topics discussed include:

  • ROMNEY’S GUEST: Any insight as to Romney’s plus one pick being Gov. Gary Herbert at the State of the Union (SOTU) address?
  • THOUGHTS ON POTUS REMARKS: Hit or Miss? Trump delivers the SOTU as impeachment vote looms, Clinton had to do the same. Trump refused to shake Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s hand, then she ripped up the President’s speech. Are there any adults in D.C.?
  • LEGISLATURE HAS A BILL TO RECALL ROMNEY: It was filed before the vote. Why spend time on an issue the state has no control over?
  • MOM’S IN FAVOR OF RED FLAG LAWS: Does this legislation have a chance? Poll shows overwhelming 90% support for preventing gun sales to those individuals mental health providers notify police are dangerous.
  • UTAH BILL REQUIRES WARNING LABEL FOR PORNOGRAPHIC MATERIAL:  Rep. Brady Brammer, R-Highland, introduced a bill that would require pornography distributed in Utah to include a label warning about the harm porn consumption can have on minors. Those who don’t comply could be fined $2,500 per violation.