Take 2 celebrates 50th episode talking about repeal of Prop 4, campaigns & more

Take 2 celebrates its 50th episode with Anchor Heidi Hatch with guests and Maura Carabello, of The Exoro Group, and Utah State Auditor John Dougall.

The milestone was marked with a discussion about the Democratic presidential campaigns in Utah with Pete Buttigieg and Mike Bloomberg.

The discussion continued on the following topics:

  • Bloomberg self-funding: Is he buying votes or avoiding the pitfalls of taking cash from big banks, big pharma, etc.?
  • Moderates go after Cox: “You’re the guy I would always point to and say ‘if the GOP can produce people like Cox, there might be hope for the party after all.’ It’s been disappointing seeing tweets like this.” Cox responds: “I’m mostly disappointed people have lost their sense of humor. And yes, I made jokes like this during the GOP debates 4 years ago and no one seemed to mind.”
    • Aimee Winder Newton stops signature-gathering effort to focus on the Republican convention.
    • Legislature: Repeal of Prop 4.
    • Safe Haven expansion bill passes committee: The bill allows new moms to hand over their babies up to 30 days after birth. The current law is they have up to 72 hours.
    • Porn Bill: The Utah House of Representatives voted 60-12 to pass House Bill 243, which would allow publishers to be sued for up to $2,500 for each violation of not posting a warning label. ACLU has concerns.
    • Legislative leaders release citation thanking Trump.
    • Salt Lake City teachers will stage a walkout to demand more education funding on Feb 28th.
    • EMS shortage in rural Utah.