Specialized classes to help moms and families prepare for a new baby

For moms that want more specific education classes related to childbirth, Intermountain Hospitals offer a variety of classes by location.

Jade Elliott  talks specifics about those classes with Kathy Credille, RN, MSN, with the Intermountain Healthcare Learning Network on this episode of the Baby Your Baby Podcast.

Some of the specialized classes related to childbirth offered at Intermountain Healthcare hospitals include:

Low-intervention childbirth

A basic overview on non-medicated approach. Provides techniques and tools to manage labor and birth process. Requires deeper commitment from partner or coach.


A form of self-hypnosis or meditations that helps you manage contractions. It’s a deeper intervention and requires a deeper commitment from the partner. It’s more focused than a traditional childbirth class.

Breastfeeding Essentials

This class is taught by a lactation specialist or registered nurse and goes deeper into breastfeeding details and addresses challenges. Participants practice with a doll to learn proper positioning. Tips and tricks are taught for making breastfeeding easier. Common breastfeeding problems are addressed such as latching on, nipple problems, clogged milk ducts, mastitis, etc.

Breastfeeding is natural for some women and it’s challenging for some. Success depends not only on the mom, but also on the baby and their abilities. If a baby is born even as little as 3-5 weeks early, they can have challenges.

This class gives you a chance to learn from the pros, i.e. other women who have been through this before and have become experts. It’s usually held on one evening. You can take this class while still pregnant.

Other related classes:

Pre-Natal Exercise – varies by location.

Sibling Class –A new baby is a change for the whole family. How to interact with the baby. Held on one evening.
Postpartum Care Support Group – a regular chance for mew moms to connect and share experiences and offer encouragement.
Baby Care Class – goes deeper than the online classes. How to care for your newborn and what things to watch for.

Baby safety – Covers growth and development. Recognizing illness in your baby or other concerns.

How to sign up for childbirth education classes:

Go to https://intermountainhealthcare.org/ and then your local hospital webpage and click on the classes and events tab. Do a keyword search for birth.

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The Baby Your Baby program provides many resources for all pregnant women and new moms in Utah. There is also expert advice from the Utah Department of Health and Intermountain Healthcare that air each week on KUTV 2News.

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