Take 2: The legacy of RBG and Utah’s COVID-19 surge

Podcast host Heidi Hatch is joined by former lawmakers Jim Dabakis (D) and Greg Hughes (R) for another Take 2 episode.

The trio talked the legacy of the recently late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, also known as the notorious RBG and now the GOP gets to fill her seat on the court while Utah’s Mitt Romney was the vote Democrats were counting on.

They also discuss the debate in Utah’s Congressional District 1. Do ideas even matter in such a right-leaning district or is it simply a party vote? They also talk about the upcoming gubernatorial debate next Tuesday.

Additional topics:

  • COVID-19 numbers are growing, this week reaching its highest peak. Should there be a statewide mandate?
  • Salt Lake County Mayor Jenny Wilson is pushing for one and will this hurt her chances in November?
  • Provo High school tried to move its homecoming game this week to circumvent new restrictions

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