Take 2: Impeachment, protest planning, and what’s in the governor’s budget

Heidi Hatch is back with another rousing political debate featuring Jim Dabakis and Greg Hughes on this week’s Take 2 podcast.

The topic foremost on their mind’s this Friday: Possible weekend protests in utah and across the Country.

  • Governor Cox declared a state of emergency
  • Salt Lake City Police and Mayor Erin Mendenhall say no violence will be permitted. Is this a change after 2020 protests?
  • The Utah National Guard is headed to D.C. for President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Next, the Utah Legislative Session goes online amid fears of unrest: How does this change citizen involvement?

In on of his first acts as governor, Spencer Cox proposed a new $21.7 state budget that includes:

  • $250 million to assist the state’s public health partners, households, businesses and schools affected by the coronavirus
  • $125 million for an upskilling initiative focused on helping those out of work or needing a better job
  • $350 million to double-track FrontRunner
  • $50 million to improve transportation in the Wasatch canyons
  • $125 million for open space and trails
  • $125 million for rural infrastructure including expanding broadband access
  • $112 million for educator bonuses
  • $80 million tax cut

They also check in on Utah’s vaccine rollout: Are we winning?

Finally, President Donald Trump became the first American president to be impeached twice.  Should there be a trial in the Senate? Should there be a second vote not allowing Trump to run again?


  • Greg Hughes (R)
  • Jim Dabakis (D)

Host: Heidi Hatch