PODCAST: Take 2 – No-knock warrants, Paris Hilton visits Utah and tax breaks

KUTV’s Heidi Hatch hosts former Speaker of the House Greg Hughes and Maura Carabello of the Exoro Group in a new episode of Take 2.

The trio discuss topics that include:

No Knock warrants ban moves forward:

Paris Hilton testifies on Utah’s Capitol Hill: Paris Hilton appeared at a Utah legislative committee hearing Monday afternoon to throw her support behind a bill that would impose additional regulations on residential youth treatment centers and other congregate care programs.

Utah Tax break? We have billions in the bank. Do we save it for a rainy day or give the people a little of their own money back?

Utah does not need Federal stimulus? Take the money because everyone else is, or be happy we are doing well and so no thanks.

Transgender Girls in sports: A House committee voted Thursday to pass a measure seeking to stop transgender athletes from participating in girl’s sports at Utah public schools.

Should students get mental health days? A bill seeking to make mental health an excusable reason for students to miss school unanimously passed out of a senate committee Wednesday.

Trump Impeachment Trial part 2: Utahn’s making headlines

  • Mitt Romney and Mike Lee split votes.
  • Surveillance shows Romney being told to turn around by Capitol Police officer.
  • Mike Lee demands the record be stricken on statement attributed to him.
  • Mike Lee meets with Trump lawyers to talk strategy ahead of Friday case