KUTV's Heidi Hatch hosts former Speaker of the House Greg Hughes and Maura Carabello of the Exoro Group in a new episode of Take 2. (Photo: KUTV)

Take 2 Podcast: Police response times in Salt Lake City

Host: Heidi Hatch


  • Greg Hughes – Former Utah House Speaker now registered lobbyist
  • Maura Carabello – Exoro Group

Salt Lake police response times: Chief Mike Brown hiring civilians to respond to low priority calls.

Many are retired officers. He sites parking, noise complaints. Are these calls really low risk? Aaron Lowe’s shooting and death followed multiple unanswered noise complaints. We now Lowe was ultimately shot over a parking dispute.

LINK: Salt Lake police exploring ways to reduce response times

Sex misconduct allegations inside Spencer Cox’s campaign for governor.
Joint statement released last week

Austin Cox attorney responded – we have requested an interview

In a statement Friday, attorneys representing Austin Cox – who is not related to the governor – called the accusations “baseless.”

“The personal relationship in question was a long-term relationship between two young single adults,” Austin Cox’s attorneys said. “The relationship was ended by our client earlier this year. Our client unequivocally and emphatically denies any allegations to the contrary.”

Questions Remain

  • Austin Cox was the Governor’s right-hand man.
  • Ran his campaign, took part in the Cox and Friends podcast, was positioned and ran for party Vice Chair.
  • Who knew what and when? Who investigated?

Ballots arrive in mailboxes: Ranked Choice voting in the mix

  • Will it work? Is it a good idea?

Salt Lake County Ranked Choice Voting 101

Facebook reactions:

  • “RCV is intended to manipulate outcomes.”
  • “What a joke. This is just another progressive voting tactic. I have never seen a republican win when it goes past the first stage….only democrats”
  • “Gonna steal some more elections…”
  • “One person, one vote, it’s a Soros funded scam”

Senator Mike Lee race: Jon Huntsman supporting Mike Lee

Next week on Take 2:

  • Senator Kirk Cullimore – Republican pitches a progressive clean air bill. “Prosperity 2030”
  • Says this is a top issue with constituents
  • Reduce emissions by 50% before 2030
  • Cars, factories and businesses in the crosshair