KUTV's Heidi Hatch hosts former Speaker of the House Greg Hughes and Maura Carabello of the Exoro Group in a new episode of Take 2. (Photo: KUTV)

Take 2 Podcast: Redistricting, Dixie State name change, Huntsman podcast

Host: Heidi Hatch


  • Greg Hughes
  • Maura Carabello

Special Session

Bail Reform: Bi-partisan roundtable deal

  • Greg Hughes worked as a lobbyist on the issue

Utah Redistricting

Legislature passes bill allowing exemptions to Biden vaccine mandate

  • The bill passed on party lines
  • Exemptions are the same as available in Utah schools
  • Religious, Medical, Personal
  • Some exemptions remain for Federal workers, small businesses
  • Will there be repercussions for ignoring the will of the people in creating the independent redistricting commission?


Dixie State Name Change to Utah Poly Tech- Name changes officially in July 2022.

  • The campus will still be called Dixie for 20 years.
  • Senate Voted 17-12

Abby Huntsman Podcast: interviews her father former Governor Jon Huntsman

  • Huntsman does not shut the door on a possible run in the future
  • Says there is no one trying to find middle ground in Congress
  • Called the 2020 gubernatorial primary in Utah a “ridiculous election”