Take 2 Podcast: COVID-19 ‘steady state’ model, Outdoor Retailers, death penalty bill

Host: Heidi Hatch
Guests: Maura Carabello & Greg Hughes

Governor Cox says state is moving to “steady state” model: March 31st the state will pivot to treating COVID as a seasonal virus in terms of tracking and testing as cases and hospitalizations drop.

Cox signs on to letter addressing Canadian Trucker Protest: Cox joins 15 other Republican Governor’s and 2 Canadian Premiers:

The joint letter reads in part, “The timing of your decision to terminate the vaccine and quarantine exemptions could not have been worse as North America already faces grave supply chain constraints.”


 Governor Cox to Outdoor Retailers: We don’t miss them. “That threat of a boycott will do absolutely nothing to change any policy that’s happening here in the state of Utah,” Governor Cox said. “Not even an inch. We won’t give it another thought.”

School Vouchers/Hope Scholarship: Governor Cox is ready to veto

HB 193 Full day kindergarten from Steve Waldrip passed the House: Currently only 30% of Utahn’s have access to full day Kindergarten

Media access limits passed by SenateNeeds one more vote

Death Penalty Bill killed in committee

Vaccine Passport bill passes out of House Committee

Some Hard Seltzers getting the boot from local grocery stores?