Tristen Ikaika’s “Ring King empire” started with a stolen spoon

Tristen Ikaika, also known as the Ring King, launched his ring brand in 2017. It all started with a spoon he took from his parent’s house in Orem, handcrafting it into a one-of-a-kind ring that soon grabbed the attention of his friends and family.

After launching his site, Tristen dropped the ring collection that have sold out in hours. His unisex designs are inspired by his worldwide travels and emotions dealing with his father’s serious health issues. This inspired his best-selling SAD-BOI ring. Tristen’s unique pieces are more than just rings, they leave a lasting impression that customers can connect with.

After being featured on Shark Tank and receiving an offer, Tristen was able to use his rapid success to help pay off his parents’ home, all because of the spoon he “stole” from that very same home year before.

Now, he is sitting down with Fresh Off The Set to talk about his success!

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