Take 2 Podcast: Utah’s primary debates, ritualistic sex abuse investigation

Host: Heidi Hatch
Guests: Greg Hughes, Former Utah House Speaker & Maura Carabello, Exoro Group

Utah GOP held their own debates: Party leader Carson Jorgensen was the moderator.

Utah’s Primary Debates with the nonpartisan debate commission: Who ditched and why?

Utah County Ritualistic Sex Abuse Investigation Nightmare

TUESDAY: UT County Sherriff’s office announces “Ritualistic Sex abuse” investigation

WEDNESDAY AM: UT County DA calls a news conference says, “I learned that my wife and I were part of those allegations, allegedly that we were guilty of cannibalizing young children, and murdering young children,” Leavitt said. Allegations he said they were cleared of years ago. Calls on the Sherriff to resign.

WEDNESDAY PM: Sherriff holds news conference to say he and multiple other agencies are dealing with a serious case of sexual abuse, never said DA Leavitt’s name and no he won’t resign.

THURSDAY: Adam Pomeroy is dropping out of the Utah County Attorney race- clearing the way for his opponent Jeff Gray.

FRIDAY: Leavitt defends record on sex crimes prosecutions.

Background here

Victim story here

Ballots arrive June 7th