Helping your baby learn to walk

After children learn to crawl they start to pull up into standing position. This indicates that they could be getting ready to start walking.

Jade Elliott spoke with Jackie Swan, Early Intervention Program Director, Summit County Health Department, to discuss how parents can help prepare their child to start walking on this episode of the Baby Your Baby Podcast.

Babies pull to stand typically at the couch and learn to cruise by moving side to side against the couch. Placing something they want on the couch helps encourage the child to pull into standing position. Also, taking off the cushions of the couch allows for a lower surface for their height.

After the child is cruising they learn to bridge between two surfaces (couch and small table). Children use push toys for balance and standing by themselves. They will stand at small tables to play with toys. They learn to stand by themselves and stand in the middle of the floor when they learn balance skills. They want to learn to move around their environment.

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