Take 2 Podcast: Jake Hunsaker Republican candidate for Congress – District 4

Jake Hunsaker, first time candidate, running for US House seat in Utah’s 4th District sat down with Heidi Hatch ahead of Tuesday’s primary.

Utah’s 4th district is the only race where the candidates did not debate prior to Utah’s primary June 28th.

Congressman Burgess Owens said he did not have time for a debate while serving the people of Utah in Washington D.C.

To allow voters to understand their candidates we sat down with both men to talk about the most prominent issues facing Utahn’s.

Take 2 Podcast Burgess Owens and challenger Jake Hunsaker CD4

Hunsaker sat down hours after the Supreme Court’s ruling overturning Roe v. Wade.

“I applaud the decision by the court to return legislative power on this sensitive issue. That is not part of our constitution. It is not enumerated as a right of the federal government.”

As a pro-life candidate Hunsaker said he will “advocate for the unborn” as a believer in the sanctity of life. He acknowledges “there are many ways that we can and should at the state level, empower families, empower expectant parents, through resources and education.”

Hunsaker discussed his position on the following issues:

  • Roe V Wade Overturned
  • Bi-partisan gun legislation
  • Inflation/Economy
  • Gas prices/Biden proposed gas tax holiday
  • Forgiving school debt
  • January 6th hearings

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Congressman Burgess Owens