Take 2 Podcast: Elections, Supreme Court rulings, fireworks vs. light shows

Host: Heidi Hatch
Guests: Greg Hughes & Maura Carabello


  • All 5 Utah Congressional incumbents hold their seats
  • Lee will now face race with Evan McMullin
  • Becky Edwards and Erin Ryder make impressive showings in Salt Lake County
  • Utah County DA David Leavitt loses amid ritualistic sex abuse case and talk of cannibalism
  • Utah’s most liberal Senate District tight: Jen Plumb ahead of Senator Derek Kitchen by 50 + points
  • Long time state senator Gene Davis (D) losing to Nate Blouin
  • Newcomer Sheldon Steward beats out Steve Debry for (R) County council race

Supreme Court Rulings

  • Remain in Mexico Policy properly ended
  • EPA limited on emissions regulations
  • Roe V Wade (Utah law put on hold for 2 weeks PPP ACLU lawsuits)

First gun control package to pass in Congress in 30 years

Fireworks v light shows