Take 2 Podcast: Liz Cheney, Inflation Reduction Act, transgender athletes

Host: Heidi Hatch
Guests: Greg Hughes & Maura Carabello

Based and Woke: A riveting discussion: Also, have you heard of Mr. Mrs. MX?

Liz Cheney loses her primary to Trump-backed Harriet Hageman but says she may run for President

66% Hageman

Cheney 29%

Biden gets a win with the Inflation Reduction Act: Will Americans get a win with the bill now signed into law?

$7500 tax credit for EV’s

GM and Ford hike prices by $6-8k due to costs

15% tax on Billion-dollar companies

Lower RX costs? Not until 2026 starting with a handful of drugs


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Utah Legislature transgender sports: Meeting discussed lawsuits surrounding ban on trans girls in sports. During the meeting, a case was discussed: Parents filed a complaint against and athlete who beat their kids and they assumed to be trans.

New Bill sex abuse reporting bill? Governor Spencer Cox says he supports requiring religious leaders in Utah to report child abuse- even if they learn about it through confession.

AP Investigation in Arizona sex abuse case