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Amberly Lago Shares Her Life and Story of Triumph Over Tragedy

In this episode, Amberly Lago shares her life and story of triumph over tragedy — being abused as a child and eventually succeeding as a professional dancer and fitness guru only to have her life shattered in a horrific motorcycle accident. 

About Amberly Lago:
At age 38, Amberly’s life was turned upside down. Hit by a SUV. Recovering from 34 surgeries to save my leg from amputation. Diagnosed with an incurable disease dubbed the suicide disease. As result, I lost my business and I had zero self confidence. She had spiraled down into a depression because she had tried everything for my chronic pain and nothing worked. Have you ever felt so hopeless and stuck you wanted to give up? Well, that was me. Then one night she was lying in my hospital bed and my life flashed before my eyes…