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Michael McHenry shares how he became a successful industry disruptor time and time again

In this episode, Michael McHenry shares how he became a successful industry disruptor time and time again. 

About Michael McHenry:
From selling his first self-built business at the age of 19, Michael has made one thing clear – a “good business only scales or sells.” Over the past decade, this 39-year-old industry disruptor has built a world-class team and honed skills in all aspects of experiential brand and concept creation, culture building and high-performance operations from start-up to multi-million-dollar enterprises. Michael’s dedication to “championing others to their fullest potential” is evident having created more than 2500 jobs, 7 viable brands and opening more than 65 restaurants. Michael has a gift for influencing others and creating one of a kind brands. National award-winning concepts under TMG’S crest have changed the course of the restaurant industry.

A sit down with Utah’s restaurant king

In this week’s episode of Fresh Off The Set, we talking to Utah’s restaurant king Michael McHenry!

Sunday’s Best is one of Utah’s hottest restaurants right now. The man behind the genius, Michael McHenry, sat down with Kari Hawker-Diaz to talk about his career. If you have ever been to Sunday’s Best, Ginger Street, or Dirty Bird, Michael is the person who had the vision and made these successful restaurants what they are today.

But, he didn’t start in food service. Michael was a professional bowler who fell into the restaurant industry because of his relationship with Fat Cats. And the rest is history! In this episode, Michael talks about how Costa Vida changed his life, gives inspiring advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, and explains why everything is better in a tortilla.

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