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Ryan Bowen gives an extraordinary inside glimpse into the art and science of selling

In this episode, CEO and founder of Pure Water Solutions, Ryan Bowen, gives an extraordinary inside glimpse into the art and science of selling and the investment strategies that have made him a multi-millionaire and world community icon. 

About Ryan Bowen:
Utah native Ryan Bowen has been an entrepreneur since a very young age. Before he had a driver’s license, he was buying and selling cars and looking for a way to move ahead in this world. He knew early on he had to be different and find a different product or business that he could pioneer with his energy and drive in a new and or emerging market. In 1996, at the tender age of just 19 years old, Ryan saw the future of the employee drinking water industry and immediately made an impact by tirelessly educating business customers on the advantages of a “bottleless” water system vs bottled water in the marketplace. Over the years, this tireless pursuit lead to the establishment of Pure Water Solutions of America, which is the largest independent bottleless, water company in the world today. Based out of Salt Lake City Utah, Pure Water Solutions of America services it’s customers in Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Washington, and Nevada with the highest quality drinking water and ice products in the marketplace. What separates Pure Water Solutions of America is its relentless pursuit of “customer happiness” by doing whatever it takes to service their customers quickly and efficiently with a great attitude. This culture starts at the top with Ryan Bowen drawing from his contagiously positive attitude and grand vision for life. Today, Pure Water Solutions of America is an industry leader in the bottleless water community and Ryan is a much sought-after expert in this field. Just as Ryan saw the future of employee drinking water in 1996, Ryan also recognized the need for high quality ice in the marketplace but traditionally the ice business had been dominated by restaurant supply companies with a business model that includes paying cash for the systems, never purifying the water entering the systems and then disposing of the systems once they became too service intensive. What Ryan did was “change the model” and start to purify the water going into the systems and then instead of paying cash for ice systems, he simply leased customers the systems while maintaining and servicing the product. This “change in model” and industry vision has led to an entire industry following the same process in order to service the customer better while at the same time extending the life of products and enhancing revenues. Ryan has a unique knack of looking at any industry with an unencumbered fresh perspective. This perspective generally gives him a clear vision and path to industry leadership in that particular marketplace or channel. Ryan also owns Bowen Investments, which was formed over 25 years ago. He started with flipping cars and homes. Bowen Investments was one of the largest and best flipping companies in the West Coast in the 90’s. When the world started doing the same thing he pivoted over to hard money loans and real estate developments. Over the years he has focused on scaling companies. He is currently invested in over 25 amazing companies and is always looking for other great investments. Whatever industry gets Ryan’s attention next will be lucky to have his tireless energy, vision, help and drive to take it to the next level of success.