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Parents Empowered: Graduation during COVID-19 & underage drinking prevention

2News Heidi Hatch discusses underage drinking with Lt. Chad Jensen from the Utah Department of Public Safety’s Alcohol Enforcement Bureau.

The new Parents Empowered podcast is being offered quarterly to help parents understand the ramifications of underage drinking and how to prevent it.

The question-and-answer segment focused on what parents can do to make sure their kids’ graduation celebrations remain alcohol-free. When Hatch asked Jensen what advise he had for parents, he responded by saying:

My message to parents is about keeping kids safe and protecting their healthy brains during graduation season. Let’s start off with the good news. Underage drinking in Utah is going down and has been for over a decade. Fewer and fewer kids are drinking. That means kids are staying safe, their brains are staying healthy and that’s opening doors to their bright futures. We, at Parents Empowered and in law enforcement, would like to thank all the parents, kids, teachers, coaches and communities who have contributed to the decline of underage drinking in Utah.