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Take 2 Podcast: Back to school with COVID feels a lot like last year

Host Heidi Hatch welcomes guests Maura Carabello, from the Exoro Group, and Greg Hughes, a former Speaker of the House in Utah.

Summer is over and it’s time for back to school and it feels like Groundhog Day as the delta variant of COVID-19 has brought back concerns about widespread coronavirus. This week the indoor mask mandate for Salt Lake County children 11 and under, while in school, was vetoed with a 6-3 vote along party lines from the Salt Lake County Council.

Did the Utah Legislature pass the buck by forcing county councils to make the decisions are are local decisions best? House Democrats supported the mandate ahead of the vote and what is the school year going to look like?

COVID-19 breakthrough cases are rising in Utah, accounting for 18% of all cases July 6 through Aug. 6 and 112 fully vaccinated Utahns were hospitalized since the beginning of August. What’s next? Meanwhile booster vaccines were approved for the immunocompromised.

Primary elections are over with ranked choice for 23 cities this fall. We talk about any surprises.

In Washington D.C., the bi-partisan infrastructure passed so what will Democrats do next?

While Sen. Mike Lee voted no, Sen. Mitt Romney helped broker the deal and voted for it. Democrats have released a $3.5 trillion budge resolution that would invest in paid leave, child care, pre pre-kindergarten, free community college, green energy and expansion of Medicare, along with a long list of programs.

In other news, new census numbers are out and its crush time for redistricting.

Take 2 Podcast: A conversation with Rep. Chris Stewart

Host Heidi Hatch is joined by Rep. Chris Stewart, a Republican representing Utah’s Second Congressional District.

Stewart talks about Utah’s drought and wildlands fires, the the newly formed Juneteenth federal holiday.

Stewart also discusses the Utah delegation that he was part of meeting with President Joe Biden over the designation of national monuments on Utah lands. Another topic is the vote to repeal authorization for use of military force against Iraq and Biden’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Next time we return to our usual format with Greg Hughes and Maura Carabello.