Take2 Podcast: Utah lawmakers ignore the governor and tackle forbidden topics

Heidi Hatch hosts guests Maura Carabello and Greg Hughes to talk politics and events with viewpoints from both sides including:

Special Session:
  • $1.6 billion in Federal funds allocation
  • Masks can no longer be mandated by school districts.
Utah Lawmakers ignore the Governor and tackle forbidden topics
  • 2nd Amendment Sanctuary
  • Critical Race Theory
  • House Democrats walk off the floor
  • When you ban CRT does it become a slippery slope of what gets banned next?
  • Why are these two topics now trending nationally? We went from 0-90 FAST
Governor today said he’s ok with CRT in college not K-12


Utah Board of Education has been tasked with looking at CRT


First ever joint interview with Senators Mike Lee and Mitt Romney:

You can now watch the full 42 minute interview online.