Parents Empowered Podcast: The graduation edition

It’s graduation season and kids are going to be attending end-of-the-year graduation parties.

Parents empowered encourages parents to talk to their kids before they head out for the night and to ask them the five Ws.

  • Who will they be with?
  • Where are they going?
  • What are they doing?
  • When will they be home?
  • Will alcohol be present?

When kids get home, follow up and ask what happened, who was there and if there was alcohol.

Also, make sure your kids know you will pick them up with no questions asked if there is alcohol. Most importantly, talk to your children about expectations about underage drinking, because believe it or not, you are the most influential person in their life.

Surveys done in Utah schools show parents are the number-one reason kids say they choose not to drink. For ideas on how to talk to your kids, you can go to or download a new podcast with Heidi Hatch on