Take 2 Podcast: Afghanistan suicide bombers kill dozens, 13 US service members and the week of political news in Utah

Heidi Hatch hosts guests Maura Carabello from the Exoro Group and Former Utah House Speaker Greg Hughes.

Topics include the major news story on the same day of the podcast: Afghanistan Suicide Bombers Kill dozens including 13 US Service members

President Biden addressed the nation. We ask our guests: How did he do?

Aug 31 pullout from Afghanistan date remains intact.

Congressional Reaction:

Mike Lee – My prayers are with those killed and wounded in action today, their families, and their teammates still on the ground. Their sacrifice will never be forgotten. It is our duty to protect those Americans still in Afghanistan and those who have helped us in this fight against evil.

Mitt Romney– Horrific terrorist attacks outside Kabul airport. My heart breaks for the U.S. servicemembers wounded in the explosion and the innocent Afghan lives lost. I am inspired by the strength and compassion of our troops and pray for their safety. They represented the very best and finest of America, laying down their lives to aid the most vulnerable in perilous circumstances. This loss of life tears at our collective soul. God bless our fallen & wounded Marines, their families and all of our servicemembers in harm’s way.

Blake Moore– “As the situation in Afghanistan becomes more and more heartbreaking, my team and I send prayers to our citizens, troops, and Afghan allies impacted by today’s attacks. Please know our team remains steadfast in supporting however we can.

Chris Stewart – My prayers are with our troops, our citizens, and the Afghans who were killed or injured in today’s apparent terrorist attack. And my heart breaks for those who remain stranded behind enemy lines in this time of violence and chaos.

There is no excuse for the incompetence displayed by the Biden Administration throughout this disastrous withdrawal. We need to secure the airport, maintain a perimeter, and safely evacuate all Americans and our allies – and we need to do so by any means necessary.

Burgess Owens – Please pray for our soldiers and citizens in Afghanistan, as well as our Afghan allies. This is heartbreaking.

Senator Mike Lee and Senator Mitt Romney working together to get people with Utah connections out of Afghanistan.

Other topics include:

  • COVID-19 and going back to school: How are we doing? Gov. Spencer Cox had closed door meeting to discuss possible executive action.
  • Utah School Board member Natalie Cline is under review, again for a tweet she made about education and welcoming efforts to the LGBTQIA+ community.
  • It’s been a busy summer for the Utah Legislature. Why?
  • Legislative redistricting is underway. Brad Wilson has written an opinion piece about it.