Take 2 podcast: COVID liability, the Texas abortion ban and canyon congestion

Host brings in viewpoints from Maura Carabello from the Exoro Group and Sen. Kirk Cullimore, the Utah Senate Majority Assistant Whip

Topics were timely and quick but Cullimore is working on a new bill “COVID-19 Liability Amendments” so we asked what is it and who will it affect?

In the speed round of topics we discuss:

Extreme Masking: Governor Cox addressed maxed out hospital beds this week and tried created controversy of his own talking masks. “Extreme Maskers” the new badge of honor for some. “Masks are not as effective as most of the pro-mask crowd are arguing,” Cox told reporters at a news conference. “We know that they’re just not.”

House caucus met with Cox Wednesday discussing masks and the Senate was meeting with the governor Thursday.

What congestion: Salt Lake County Mayor Jenny Wilson said “no thanks” to both of UDOT’s options to address congestion in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Bus or gondola? Pick your poison.

Abortion Ban: Texas banned abortions after signs of a heartbeat or after about six weeks, before most women know they are pregnant, including in cases of rape or incest. Will we see a similar bill in Utah? Will the Supreme Court react? What happens next?