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Crystal Maggelet shares her fascinating business journey and climb to the top of her industry

In this episode, Crystal Maggelet shares her fascinating business journey and climb to the top of her industry. 

About Crystal Maggelet:
Crystal Call Maggelet is the CEO of FJ Management Inc., a diversified family business that includes wholly-owned subsidiaries: Maverik, a 381 c-store chain and Big West Oil, a petroleum refinery. FJ Management also has a minority stake in Pilot Flying J. Other family businesses include TAB Bank, a community bank, and Crystal Inn, a small chain of hotels. In addition to her current board role as Chairperson of the FJ Management’s Board, she is a director on the Pilot Flying J Board of Managers, a Director on the Savage Services Board, and serves on the Liv Communities Board, Intermountain Healthcare Board, Salt Lake City-Utah Committee for the Games, and also the Zions Bank Advisory Board. She is actively involved in managing the family’s charitable giving through the Call Foundation which focuses mostly on education and scholarships. Crystal also co-chairs the Intermountain Healthcare Primary Promise Campaign and is a member of the Sundance Institute Utah Leadership Council. Crystal holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, from Pepperdine University. She also completed her college education with an MBA from Harvard Business School and has Honorary Doctorate Degrees in Business from Utah State University and Weber State University. In 2018, she was named the national E and Y Entrepreneur of the Year for Family Business. Crystal loves her role as a mother to her four children ranging in age from 21 to 26. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends. Her favorite activities are running, skiing, and traveling

Take 2 Podcast: Student Loan Forgiveness, Bears Ears Lawsuit

Host: Heidi Hatch
Guests: State Auditor John Dougall & Maura Carabello from the Exoro Group

Student Loan Forgiveness:

  • What it does: President Biden’s plan to forgive up to $20,000 for Pell Grant recipients and $10,000 for other student loan holders. Payment pauses continues until end of year.
  • Is it Legal? Last summer House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said President Biden does not have executive authority to issue “debt forgiveness” saying the action would be illegal and it would need an act of Congress.
  • Democrat Chris Pappas of New Hampshire said Wednesday the plan “sidesteps Congress and our oversight and fiscal responsibilities.”
  • Is it fair? Senator Ben Sasse (R-Nebraska) called the order a “scheme” that “forces blue-collar workers to subsidize white-collar graduate students.”
  • Does this fix the higher ed cost problem? Will Universities jack up prices hoping more money is on the way.
  • Will this fan and feed inflation: More money flowing with 40-year high inflation
  • Will this change any votes for the midterm? A blue wave in thanks to Democrats and Biden fulfilling a campaign promise.

Bears Ears Lawsuit: The state is suing the Biden administration over the President’s restoration of the original boundaries of Bears Ears and Grand Staircase Escalante National Monuments. The monuments were downsized by former President Trump in 2017.

Lieutenant governor will not remove state lawmaker from ballot: Utah Lt. Gov. Deidre Henderson said she will not remove the newly named head of the Department of Natural Resources from the ballot where he remains a candidate for the House of Representatives.

In a letter Wednesday, Henderson told attorneys for the Utah Democratic Party and legislative candidate Josh Hardy there is “no statutory basis” for removing Rep. Joel Ferry (R-Brigham City) from the ballot in the House District 1 race.

“At this time,” Henderson wrote, “whether or not Mr. Ferry remains on the ballot is entirely up to him.”

Utah Gerrymander lawsuit moves forward: State attorneys sought delay until the Supreme Court decides if states can hear such challenges.

Senate Debate Mike Lee Evan McMullin: McMullin says Lee will not debate. Lee says he is working on his schedule.

Dan Young shares his fascinating business journey including crypto and many tech projects

In this episode, Dan Young shares his fascinating business journey including crypto and many tech projects. 

About Dan Young:
Dan Young is an entrepreneur, Ugly Unicorn Crypto hedge fund founder, mentor and real estate developer. He has been on the INC 500 list multiple times as well as being an Intel Board of Advisors member and AMD Gaming Advisory Council member. He has been involved with Crypto since 2014 and built the largest bitcoin mining facility in Utah. Dan has done over $600 million dollars in deals which have included PC Laptops, XIDAX.COM and many insane tech projects.



Take 2 Podcast: Liz Cheney, Inflation Reduction Act, transgender athletes

Host: Heidi Hatch
Guests: Greg Hughes & Maura Carabello

Based and Woke: A riveting discussion: Also, have you heard of Mr. Mrs. MX?

Liz Cheney loses her primary to Trump-backed Harriet Hageman but says she may run for President

66% Hageman

Cheney 29%

Biden gets a win with the Inflation Reduction Act: Will Americans get a win with the bill now signed into law?

$7500 tax credit for EV’s

GM and Ford hike prices by $6-8k due to costs

15% tax on Billion-dollar companies

Lower RX costs? Not until 2026 starting with a handful of drugs


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Utah Legislature transgender sports: Meeting discussed lawsuits surrounding ban on trans girls in sports. During the meeting, a case was discussed: Parents filed a complaint against and athlete who beat their kids and they assumed to be trans.

New Bill sex abuse reporting bill? Governor Spencer Cox says he supports requiring religious leaders in Utah to report child abuse- even if they learn about it through confession.

AP Investigation in Arizona sex abuse case

Andy Chudd shares his extraordinary life involved in music and how service before self is key to his success

In this episode, Andy Chudd shares his extraordinary life involved in music and how service before self is key to his success. 

About Andy Chudd:
Andy Chudd is a highly talented and accomplished senior executive offering proven experience in marketing, corporate communications, public relations, strategic business development, community outreach, and philanthropy.


How the WIC Program can help your family

WIC supports lower income families with over four decades of proven success by improving health outcomes for women, infants and children. WIC is a supplemental nutrition program designed to help pregnant women, new mothers, and children under the age of 5 eat well and stay healthy.

Jade Elliott sat down with JoDell Geilmann-Parke, WIC Outreach Coordinator for Salt Lake County Health Department, on this episode of the Baby Your Baby Podcast to discuss the program and upcoming changes.

Foods that meet high nutrition standards can be purchased with WIC grocery vouchers at a variety of participating stores. These foods vary depending on an individual’s nutrition needs but may include infant formula and cereal, a large selection of fruits and vegetables, eggs, milk, cheese, peanut butter and whole grains.

In addition to food vouchers, WIC provides nutrition education and extensive breastfeeding support to participating families. WIC strives to reduce health disparities in the community by encouraging healthy eating habits, providing access to healthy foods, and promoting breastfeeding as the optimal source of nutrition for infants.

WIC services are currently reaching less than 40% of eligible individuals in Utah.

The big news for 2020 is that Utah WIC is converting from paper vouchers to smart cards and will be available throughout the state at all county health departments by the end of the year. E-WIC will streamline the shopping and checkout process and make using WIC easier for participants. WIC has also modernized their website to include a client portal and created a WIC Shopper APP to make WIC services more accessible.

There are income eligibility requirements to participate in WIC. You can visit to check eligibility and find out how to apply or call 1-877-WICKIDS.

The Baby Your Baby program provides many resources for all pregnant women and new moms in Utah. There is also expert advice from the Utah Department of Health and Intermountain Healthcare that air each week on KUTV 2News.

Nick Lowery on the mindset of performing under pressure in one of the most stressful jobs in professional sports

In this episode, Nick Lowery gives a glimpse into the mindset of performing one of the most stressful jobs in professional sports. 

About Nick Lowery:
Nick Lowery is a former American football placekicker. In his career, he played for the New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs, and New York Jets. He played in college at Dartmouth College. Lowery was selected to the Pro Bowl three times and when he retired was ranked first in field goal percentage and also had the most field goals in NFL history. As of 2018 he was 16th on the National Football League’s list of all-time scoring leaders, and is the Chiefs’ all-time leading scorer, with 1,466 points in his 14 seasons with the club.

Take 2 Podcast: Utah elections, Senate race

Host: Heidi Hatch
Guests: Maura Carabello, Exoro Group & John Dougall, State Auditor

Less than 100 days to election day

Orem voters will get to decide if they want their own school district: Campaigns begin over proposed Alpine School District split

Salt Lake City School District Superintendent issues sent to mediation

Rocky Anderson is running to get the mayor’s office Back

Salt Lake County Suspends one of their own

Statement for immediate release: “We stand firmly with victims and temporarily suspend Senator Gene Davis from participating in Salt Lake County Democratic Party events, committees, and any party-related activity.” An intern has accused him of sexual harassment.

Lt. Gov. Henderson: ‘Turn down the rhetorical heat’ on election fraud claims

Henderson’s statement came after Willie Billings announced Wednesday that he would not go forward with a lawsuit challenging the results of the House District 72 primary election in which he lost to Joseph Elison by just ten votes.

In a statement on Facebook, Billings said he could not afford the cost of litigating the issue.

Senate Race:


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The importance of reading to your children

It’s never too early to start reading with your baby. Reading with your baby has multiple benefits.

Jade Elliott sat down with Tyson Tidwell, a pediatrician with Intermountain Healthcare, to talk not only about why to read with your baby, but also tips for how and when to do it.

Why reading to your baby is so important

When parents talk, read, and sing with their babies, connections are formed in their young brains. These connections build language, literacy, and social and emotional skills at an important time in a baby’s development. These activities also strengthen the emotional bond between parent and child and helps your child reach social and developmental milestones.

Hold your child in your arms and read with emotion

Infants as young as a few days or weeks old can know and prefer their parents’ voices and faces. Although they may not understand words, they’ll respond to the emotion in your voice and the expression on your face. They love to look at pictures with bright colors and feel secure when they’re in your arms.

Choose colorful and sturdy books

As babies get older, they’ll reach out to hold a book and then put it into their mouths to explore it. Board books and books made of fabric or with thicker pages are more durable for very young children. You can borrow children’s books for free from your local library or purchase some of your own. Look for colorful illustrations or photos. Some books have things with texture that can be touched, which makes them even more interesting.

Ask your pediatrician about the Reach out and Read program which offers free books starting at your baby’s 6 month well visit. You can receive a free book at your child’s well check visits through age five, for a total of eight free books. For more information visit

Plan a special reading time

Active young children may lose interest in a book after only 1-2 minutes. Follow their lead, but keep reading, talking, and singing with your baby regularly and his interest and attention span will grow. Make this a special time. Give your baby your full attention. Turn off the TV and computers and put down your phone.

Read together every day

As babies grow into toddlers, reading aloud together can be a very helpful routine, especially when it’s part of your regular calming bedtime routine. Young children love having choices. Let them choose the book to read. Toddlers quickly develop favorites and may ask you to read the same story over and over, so offer choices you like too!

Talk about the book

Toddlers can point to pictures of objects (Show me the tree) and answer questions (Which one says moo?) As their language grows, they may be able to name the pictures you point to or finish the sentences in a book. Sometimes they even pretend to read the book themselves. As they get older they learn to point to letters in the alphabet or to count some of the pictures.

Make reading part of your routine

Building routines for meals, play, and sleep help children know what to expect and what is expected of them. Listen to our podcast on bedtime routines here.

Keep reading together

Even when your child can read by themselves, you can still read stories to them that are at a higher reading level than books they can read on their own. They will look forward to the next chapter and you will make lasting memories.

The Baby Your Baby program provides many resources for all pregnant women and new moms in Utah. There is also expert advice from the Utah Department of Health and Intermountain Healthcare that air each week on KUTV 2News.

Michael Glauser shares his passion for building companies in retail, wholesale, and education

In this episode, Michael Glauser shares his passion for building companies in retail, wholesale, and education. He also gives an insight into his four best selling books, including his latest book, “One People. One Planet.” Presenting six universal truths to help increase happiness, improve relationships, and create greater civility in organizations. 

About Michael Glauser:
Executive Director of the Clark Center for Entrepreneurship at Utah State University Michael Glauser is an entrepreneur, business consultant, and university professor. He has built successful companies in the retail, wholesale, and consulting industries. He has worked with hundreds of startup ventures and large corporations. He is currently the Executive Director of the Jeffrey D. Clark Center for Entrepreneurship in the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University. He is also the co-founder and CEO of My New Enterprise, an online training, and development company. Mike’s great passion is helping people create successful companies, gain financial freedom, and live the life of their dreams.