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Take 2: Legalized fornication, 4.0 beer, medical marijuana & more

 Take 2 tackles the week’s biggest political issues:

  • Utah sinning legalized: Fornication, sodomy and adultery are now legal. Why does it matter? Greg Hughes says Utah County kept prosecutions in the category alive and well.
  • 3.3 beer now 4.0 in grocery stores. Jim Dabakis is willing to let Utah cities decide their own alcohol content or ban booze all together.
  • Governor signs bill to ban abortion after 18 weeks. Is this a giant waste of money or a much needed moral stand.
  • Governor Herbert has one veto so far: Was it worth it?
  • Utah Supreme Court tackles medical marijuana. The people verses the legislature. What will they ultimately rule?
  • Sen. Mike Lee makes Colbert. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Tonton’s unite.
  • Is Consistent Law and order seriously lacking in the USA? Think Mueller, Smollet, Rich parents buying their kids into colleges.

Weekly Huddle Jazz podcast: Rudy’s record-setting domination

The latest edition of the Weekly Huddle Utah Jazz podcast is now available for download.

Dave Fox and Jazz reporter Kristen Kenney have a full menu as KK shares some Jazz anecdotes including how Rudy Gobert found out he had set the NBA single season dunk record — he actually didn’t know at the time it happened.

Ricky Rubio has new found style of play that is sending him to the free throw line, just the way the coach wants it. Plus in Jazz bites these Jazz teammates can not stop complimenting each other.

And regarding home court advantage in the playoff race. How much do the Jazz players really pay attention to seeding? Check out the Weekly Huddle podcast, All That Jazz edition with Kristen Kenney here. 

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Take 2: Mueller report, hosting the 2020 Presidential debate and more

 Episode 8 of the Take 2 podcast proved to be lively with a debate between former state lawmakers Greg Hughes and Jim Dabakis.

2News Heidi Hatch posed the following questions and moderated the responses that were worlds apart:

  • The Mueller Report is at long last complete: Should it be released and was the process fair? (Final bonus topic as Mueller handed report to AG while we were wrapping up recording)
  • Rumor Mill: Is Chris Stewart headed to the Trump Cabinet? 
  • Could Ambassador Jon Huntsman reprise his role as Utah’s Governor?
  • Does Utah’s Legislature need more than 45 days to pass more bills?
  • Utah’s GOP is a by many accounts a mess: Will a new Chair fix the infighting?
  • Could Utah host a 2020 Presidential debate? The little state that could.
  • Free Speech on our college campuses. Did POTUS make a smart move in that direction this week?

NCAA tournament, gravel pits are the pits, follow the money and a whole lot more in this week’s Take 2.

Weekly Huddle Jazz edition: A historical sharing

 The Jazz are riding a win streak with a favorable schedule down the stretch, and the latest edition of The Weekly Huddle, All That Jazz podcast is on line to explain and break down all the high notes! Alema Harrington joins our Dave Fox.

Topics on the menu include: How the jazz are sharing the ball with assist totals that are historically high!! Is Jazz guard Ricky Rubio more important than ever? The secret key to success of the Jazz bench…plus how the Jazz Big Man duo is dominating the NBA in a huge statistical category, and in Jazz Bites Donovan Mitchell on “being Coached”. Subscribe to the Weekly Huddle All That Jazz podcast with Dave and his guest Alema Harrington 

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Take 2: Best & Worst of the 2019 Legislative Session

Episode 7 of the Take 2 podcast was hosted by 2News Anchor/Reporter Brian Mullahy with former state lawmakers Greg Hughes and Jim Dabakis. The panel discussed the best and the worst of the 2019 legislative session with lively debate about a tax overhaul in an upcoming special session. Additional discussion addressed:

– Funding education

– Sales tax on food

– LDS Church lost control of alcohol?

– Abortion

– Medicaid expansion

– Hotter nuclear waste coming to Utah

– $19 billion state budget 

– State vs. Local jurisdictions

-House vs Senate

Weekly Huddle Podcast: Jazz ban fan

The latest edition of the weekly Huddle Podcast is on line with Jazz host Alema Harrington and Dave Fox. Jazz Nation has been buzzing about the Russell Westbrook-Jazz fan controversy. The Jazz banned for the life the fan who was involved. In this weeks podcast Alema and Dave speak to the statements from the Utah Jazz on the ban, as well as the reaction of Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell! 

Also, on the court news…Alema explains the Rubio factor and why his skill set is something the Jazz struggle without. Check out this weeks edition of the Weekly Huddle All That Jazz PODCast here: 

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PODCAST SPECIAL – Take 2 on legislature killing massive tax overhaul bill

 Back by popular demand, the Take 2 podcast moderated by 2News Anchor Heidi Hatch gets an exclusive update from former state lawmakers Greg Hughes and Jim Dabakis on the Utah legislature killing the massive tax overhaul.

The duo answers the big question about why tax policy is being addressed as a “problem” in the Beehive State.

Take 2: Death of conversion therapy, 4.8% beer and tax reform bills

 Episode  6 of the Take 2 podcast was an emotion one with Heidi Hatch facilitating discussion about the Utah legislature with former state lawmakers Greg Hughes and Jim Dabakis.

When the topic of a bill that died in the legislature that would’ve banned conversion therapy for gay teens in Utah was posed, Dabakis – who is openly gay – issued a question of his own.

How hard would it be for you to change? How many sessions would you need so you could suddenly become gay?

Other topics discussed that had lively debate included:

  • Will Utah be stuck with 3.2 percent beer forever?
  • Should the Legislature allow first cousins to procreate?
  • Utah’s Constitution references men: Has the time come to make it gender neutral?
  • The only thing certain in this session: Death and taxes, or at least the death of a massive tax overhaul.

Weekly Huddle podcast: Younger Jazz fans have lofty goals for Mitchell

Welcome to another edition of the Weekly Huddle, All That Jazz podcas.

Jazz host Alema Harrington joins Dave Fox and explains the demographics of Jazz fans that see the highest possible ceiling for Donovan Mitchell. Plus the resilience of Kyle Korver, the defensive growth of one Jazzman you may not have thought of, and how theJazz win and entertain; Not all teams can claim that.

Check out the newest edition of the Weekly Huddle All That Jazz podcast here: 

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Take 2: 4.8% beer, tax reform bill, charter school-lawmaker link

 Episode 5 of the popular Take 2 podcast included a special guest in addition to Heidi Hatch moderating a lively debate between former state lawmakers Greg Hughes and Jim Dabakis.

The hot topics they discussed included Hughes expressing his concerns about a Beyond the Books investigation into the connection between charter schools and lawmakers.

Other topics debated include:

  • A ban on texting while driving: The bill is dead for a third year, even after 75% of Utahns said they wanted it in a recent Hinckley/Salt Lake Tribune poll.
  • Gov. Gary Herbert, in a surprising turn of events, says he’s on board with a higher alcohol content bill. Will he have a chance to sign it?
  • Brigham Young University Police : What appears to be the third and possible final nail in its coffin.
  • The Inland Port and the idea of rural spokes: Good idea or just plain stupid.
  • The tax reform bill: It’s 257 pages long. Have any of us actually read it? AND it was the talk of Capitol Hill. 
  • A 2News Behind the Books investigation into charter schools and legislators’ influence. Hughes had some major issues with the story. We let him address them with guest,  investigative reporter Chris Jones. The debate gets even more heated in Episode 6 of the Take 2 podcast on March 8. You won’t want to miss it!